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Professional (OKJ) trainings                    

  • PC user; Tradesmen,
  • Shop manager;
  • Catering manager;
  • Supermarket assistant + cash-register operator;
  • Light-machine operator;
  • Heavy-machine operator;
  • Low-capacity stoker;
  • Furnace operator;
  • Procedure welder (E1+G1)
  • Person and property guard

Vehicular trainings                                    

  • For M, A1, A, B, B+E, C, C+E, D categories.

Traffic special trainings                            

  • Home good transporter;
  • Home bus driver;
  • Taxi driver;
  • Passanger transporter by car;
  • International good transporter (TIR);
  • International bus driver;
  • Taxi entrepreneur;
  • Eu conform home good transporter entrepreneur;
  • Eu conform bus driver entrepreneur;
  • Eu conform international good transporter entrepreneur;
  • Hazardous material transporter (ADR);
  • Small-ship driver;
  • sail boat driver;

Installment possibilities!

Unemployed can get information about the possibilities and rate of educational subsidy at the local labour center.