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Passanger transportation

  • Unitravel Travel Agency
  • Euroguide Travel Agency
  • Danube Tours travel Agency (Austria)
  • Vienna Holiday travel Agency (Austria)
  • Orion TTE
  • Program Centrum Travel Agency
  • Locomotív Travel
  • Hungarian Defences Forces Military Vehicular center
  • Tóth Lázár (Gasthaus zum Groppensteinerfall)  


  • Budapest City Labour Center
  • Pest County Labour Center
  • Kecskemét Regional Organisation Manpower developing and Educating Center
  • Hungária Hazardous Material Engineering Office
  • Bricostore Hungária Ltd.
  • Penta Ltd.
  • ICO Co.
  • 6x6 Taxi
  • Budapest City Town orderly and Environmental protector Ltd.